The Buzz Girls tastemaker network and event series strives to connect and support women in a private environment while introducing them to products, services and charities that they can profoundly influence professionally, socially and personally.


Based on over 17 years of experience working with networking organizations, events, charities, and product sampling, event producer and marketing specialist Heather Hope-Allison sought to create a more personalized experience that truly nurtures relationships from all angles.  In 2007, she created The Buzz Girls. 


Buzz begins by introducing your product or service to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Buzz Girls revolves around two questions:

For the Brand - How does a product or service gain visibility and popularity? 

For the Influencer - How do you efficiently expand your network of contacts and thus your opportunities?

The world of entertainment, lifestyle and media is actually very small.  These tastemakers often work together on red carpet events, getting clients into media,  and developing cross-promotional opportunities.

Buzz starts by seeding your brand with the stylish executives who are attached to the most desirable marketing opportunities such as red carpet events, awards shows, film festivals, a-list celebrities and concerts. They know their clients and what they are likely to adopt.  These are the influential women you need to know.  They are The Buzz Girls.


What is the Buzz Girls?

The Buzz Girls is a network of tastemakers who influence and determine what the most buzzworthy products and events are in the entertainment and lifestyle industry.

Who are The Buzz Girls?

The Buzz Girls are stylish, professional women in entertainment, media and lifestyle companies whose job it is to find what’s hot, integrate it into red carpet events, create cross-promotional opportunities, introduce it to celebrity clients and ultimately consumers.  It’s their job to be - the real tastemakers.

What events do The Buzz Girls host?

The Buzz Girls host a series of private, invitation-only cocktail and dinner parties. 

What happens at The Buzz Girls events?

Influential women in top entertainment agencies, media, and lifestyle companies are invited to network, sample products and discuss upcoming projects and trends in a private location. 

Can men attend events by The Buzz Girls?

Generally men are not invited to attend events for The Buzz Girls.  There are exceptions such as host venue owners.

What is The Creatives Dinner - and why are men allowed to host those?

The Creatives Dinner series originated within The Buzz Girls event series.  It is a private dinner hosted and attended by “creatives” such as actors, writers, producers and directors.  This series has branched off to occasionally include men as well.  The event is technically presented by The Creatives Dinner in association with The Buzz Girls.

How do I get into The Buzz Girls?

All guests are referred and above-the-line only.  Referrals are placed into a database for invitation consideration.  Once you attend an event, you become part of the “network.”  Network members do not attend every event.  Event guest list rotates based on the co-hosts involved with each event.

How do I introduce my service or product to The Buzz Girls?

You may pitch your brand to either host an event and/or integrate into an event e.g. gift bags or interactive stations by contacting The Buzz Girls here.  For consideration, please include product or service description, website, photos and contact information - including phone number and email.


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